Berry the wizard


He tried to turn Sansa into Marilyn but not quite …


Iwaki, Fukushima


My another unforgettable experience in Japan was visiting the devastated areas in Iwaki of Fukushima, where powerful Tsunami attached and wiped out the several  town in March 2011. I saw the photos in newspapers and videos many times but it is nothing like seeing in my own eyes and actually walking there… so overwhelming … I could not stop my tears while taking these photos…

Lots of rubbles remains there as nowhere to go. However,  I found there some wall arts with peoples hopes for renaissance.

New life is brighten up right by the broken fence.



I was in Japan for about 3 weeks last month.  I guess I should share some photos from my trip. I took my parents to Nara. It was a great experience to feel the history and the beautiful arts.

There are tons of wild deers in Nara. They are all very hungry. But they are too cute !

My dear husband always took my mothers hand when she needs help. He is such a gentleman !