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Trip to Tahiti – Jan 7 to 21


Tahiti has been my dream vacation in my life. This trip is a gift from my husband for my 50th birthday, which was last year but here we went.

This vacation started as hell. As all the flight in Toronto on Jan 7 was cancelled, which forced us to stay in Toronto after waiting for 4 hours and half in line to just reach to the hotel voucher.  Then we waited for 45 minutes for taxi. Taxi driver said he does not know where the hotel is. He phoned the hotel and found that there was no vacancy. Eventually he took us to the right place but the hotel was flooded because the water pipe broken by the deep freeze.  No shower and no breakfast was served. The room number was 13.  Toronto on Jan 7 was – 28 degree.

Next day we flew to LAX then found that we needed to stay there another day because we missed our original flight and rescheduled flight was full, after waiting as standby for 8 hours at LAX.

Next day we flew to Tahiti Papeete. At our arrival we were told that both of our suitcases were missing. Also we had to take extra flight to Bora Bora from Papeete because we were supposed to board the cruise ship two days ago. We missed the ship departure.

So here we were in the Propeller flight to Bora Bora in quest to catch up with our cruise ship.

IMG_7800 copy

After waiting for long lines, wearing same underwear for 3 days, eating crackers and chocolate as meals, finally finally finally !   We arrived Bora Bora. Someone took care of us !! Beautiful !



Maitai Polynesia hotel we stayed one night before on board to cruise ship.



White sand private beach.