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They seemed to bow at me. Then flew away …



Iwaki Fukushima, Jan 25, 2015


After devastating Tsunami washed away Toyoma Beach, Iwaki, Fukushima, it has been nearly 4 years. There are some signs of recovery, some indecision, hope, and reconcilement. All mixed here.



Beautiful wall art cheers up in this construction site.




Brave surfers enjoy the higher wave.



Many soil containers with radioactive contamination are stored here. Nowhere to go.




Ocean is just so beautiful… welcoming us all …

Kyoto, Toji Temple – Jan 21, 2015


One of my favourite thing to do in Japan is going to flea market for treasure hunting ! During my stay in Japan I went to Toji Temple on Jan 21.  It was super fun !






I bought one Ocha-ire (tea ceremony utensil) , one Kimono (2000 yen !), one necklace, 3 tawashi (dish washing brush), two scurf, one Noren (decorative curtain), and some snacks !  Be careful if you go there. Everything looks tempting …

Shizuoka Jan 8 to 26th


It was nice to escape from the frozen to warmth. My home town, friends and family welcomed me …

_MG_5476 Miho no Matsubara (Miho Pine Grove ) was awarded as the UNESCO world heritage site recently.  I am extremely proud of this beauty is recognized globally.


One thing I really enjoy is that Mt. Fuji can be seen almost anywhere in my hometown Shizuoka. Sometimes amazing view shows up even between road bridge and electric posts while driving.

Atami is one of the best coastal resort with hot spring in Japan. We had family get-together there.



_MG_5569 _MG_5605

…and of course furry friends welcomed me with cuteness …